Officers 2013-2014


President: Natasha “Salsa” Berk

Salsa hails from Berkeley, CA and grew up shredding Squaw Valley. She’s been the best skier on the mountain since ’93 and is also a champion snow dodgebeer player. Her passion for winning led her to leave the bears for the Cardinal, and she is now entering her third year at Stanford. In addition to snowsports, Salsa loves traveling, sleeping, Gordo Taqueria, and Too $hort.

45212_10200871662704321_148198864_nFinancial Officer: Tom Grojean

Call him ‘captain tom’.


Ski Captain: Georgia Toal

Georgia is a hopeful Bio major (read: premed) tired of hearing that everyone she meets at Stanford “used to be premed.” She grew up alpine racing at Mt. Hood for Meadows Race Team. Ever since, she has been in love with ski racing and went on to captain her high school team in the OISRA. Her other interests include hiking, drawing, and over-organizing her life.


Boarding Captain: Daly “Texas” Montgomery

Texas is, as her name suggests, a die-hard native Texan, and can frequently be found lounging around the cabin in a pair of Texas flag shorts. Her first time “snowboarding” was on a grass hill on a waxed cardboard box, but now she much prefers the snowy mountains of Tahoe. Additionally, she loves skiing, SNAR, and rocking her American flag onesie whenever possible.


IMG_0653Cabin Boy: Mike “Redshirt” Kobiela

Kobiela is called red-shirt because he needs to be reminded that he forgot to join the best group on campus until his sophomore year.  Shame shame.

221261_454162244631562_1343128017_o copy

Publicity/Alumni: Audrey “Noodle” Solomon

This gurl is an incoming 4th-year studying public policy, hoping to someday rule the world.  She has been a die-hard member of the team since her freshman year and is a lifetime Alpine Meadows skier.  Audrey has spent most of her year abroad in China and the UK, but she made sure she was back at Stanford for ski season every year.  Besides skiing and traveling, Audrey likes to mispronounce words, go boating, win games of Monopoly, rant about incompetency in the political system, and dance.


Fundraising: Gray “Fitty” Riedinger

Gray comes from Idaho, or maybe it was Iowa, no one really knows the difference anyway. He spent his youth ski racing uphill (nordic skiing), but has since recognized how deranged this was and changed his ways. He likes to read, be outside in any capacity, and chill.

11361_10151250889006345_1251496302_nSocial: Alex “Tomato” Mesher

A native of Seattle, Washington, Tomato began shredding that Cascade cement at the age of four.  Tomato is the resident fish/whale expert and Pokemon Master,  He is also a consistent 2-flipper.  When not dropping 60+ foot cliffs, Tomato can be found playing the marimba, Settlers of Catan, and/or Super Smash Bros.  Additionally, he is always down to discuss the economic and cultural impacts of overfishing.

486000_10151650474102067_1001961718_nSocial: Adriana “RugDoctor” Baird

No need for a bio, everyone knows Adriana.  That’s what social means.


Coach: Mallory Taub

The best coach ever, as determined by survey.


Assistant Coach: Andrew Stanley

Andrew is currently a grad student at Stanford in the ME department doing research in haptics and medical robotics.  He grew up in the Bay Area and skied at Kirkwood, CA (about 30 miles south of Tahoe, a couple thousand feet higher) which remains his favorite place to ski.  As an undergrad he was captain of the UPenn ski team, which was an awesome experience that prepared him well for the shenanigans of the Stanford ski team, highlighted by qualifying as an individual out of the mid-Atlantic region to race at nationals in 2010.  Tired of the east coast ice, Andrew immediately returned to California after graduating in 2011, and since he has used up all four years of racing eligibility as an undergrad he decided to volunteer as an assistant coach at Stanford.  While he does miss competing, he’s had a lot of fun coaching.