Officers 2016/2017


President: Roger Romani

10926183_10205918335656766_7880457052716784955_nRoger Romani has been skiing Squaw since before the map had trails on it and watches GNAR at least four times a year. While relatively new to ski racing (last year was his first year competing), Roger has become men’s race captain through a combination of showing up, tuning skis, and a cabin name that even he doesn’t understand. Back at Stanford, Roger enjoys studying physics, playing bass and guitar in various bands, and surfing to compensate for lack of snow.



Financial Officer: Lindsay Allison

IMG_0853Lindsay is sophomore from San Rafael, CA and grew up skiing and racing on the Squaw Valley Ski Team. She is a die hard skier and Squaw Valley fanatic and will always take one more run with you even if its -10 degrees (or in the 80 degree weather if the drought continues ). While almost completely undecided in terms of a major, there is a small part of her heart leaning towards bioengineering but a lot can happen before she has to declare in the spring. Besides ski racing, Lindsay enjoys the outdoors through hiking, running, biking, swimming, and waterskiing (she wants to start a waterskiing club as well so if anyone is interested email her), and is also working to refine her packing skills so that she doesn’t look like a sherpa coming back from the cabin every weekend. Think snow!

Cabin “Lord”: Kethayne Trader

Women’s ski captain: Maddie Hayes-Lattin

img_0627Maddie is a sophomore from Portland, OR who grew up skiing on Mt. Hood (ask her about her highway 26 tattoo). She plans to major in bioengineering, and enjoys backpacking, cycling, running and being at high altitudes with good views. Maddie is going on a diet strictly PB&J sandwiches and PBR and plans to spend 0 weekends on campus winter quarter. Her favorite run at Squaw is Chute 75 and her favorite subject is organic chemistry.

Men’s Ski Captain: Ryan Mallory

Originally from Western Washington, Ryan Mallory grew up skiing in the mountains of the Pacific North West. Skiing his whole like, he got into ski racing before high school, but it was mostly an excuse to skiing at Mt Baker every weekend. Still an avid skier, the only thing that will keep him from the slopes is rain, skied in rain enough for a life time while back in Washington. At Stanford he is on his second year of a Masters in Computer Science and when not studying or skiing, likes to run, bike, and motorcycle.

Freeski Captain: Michael Hazard

Snowboard Captain: Emmie Kehoe

Gear: Isaac Kasevich

Social Chairs: Hope Schroeder & Linus Meyer-Teruel

Fundraising: Cori Brendel

Publicity: Enzo Busseti

Sponsorship: Nicholas Barbier