Officers 2015-2016


IMG_20150110_101945President: Emilia Vanni

Emilia grew up riding an indoor snow slope in Scotland – a dome with ‘real’ snow. She acquired a taste for grinding metal on a snowboard early, and has ever since had a habit of snapping boards while having fun in the park. Her hobbies also include skydiving and studying viruses that infect humans!

39232_10150237670570603_7299557_nPublicity: Georgia

Georgia is a senior in the process of applying to medical school. Bio major/education minor, she still finds time to make it up to the slopes. She grew up alpine racing at Mt. Hood for Meadows Race Team. Ever since, she has been in love with ski racing and went on to captain her high school team in the OISRA and was ski captain at Stanford the past two years. Her favorite ski team memory is Nationals this past season at Mt. Bachelor or being a “whoop” girl in Annabelle’s car’s rendition of Get Rich. Her other interests include hiking, drawing, and over-organizing her life.


Boarding Captain: Andy Meislin

Andy is this year’s snowboard captain. She grew up on the ski and snowboard teams at Squaw Valley and loves to ride the whole mountain. Going into her Junior year here at Stanford, she is studying Human Biology with an emphasis in Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. She hopes to go to veterinary school after she gets her undergraduate degree. Favorite Stanford Ski and Snowboard Team Event: Ski Team Prom.


Men’s Ski Captain: Roger Romani10926183_10205918335656766_7880457052716784955_n

Roger Romani has been skiing Squaw since before the map had trails on it and watches GNAR at least four times a year. While relatively new to ski racing (last year was his first year competing), Roger has become men’s race captain through a combination of showing up, tuning skis, and a cabin name that even he doesn’t understand. Back at Stanford, Roger enjoys studying physics, playing bass and guitar in various bands, and surfing to compensate for lack of snow.

IMG_0853Women’s Ski Captain: Lindsay Allison

Lindsay is sophomore from San Rafael, CA and grew up skiing and racing on the Squaw Valley Ski Team. She is a die hard skier and Squaw Valley fanatic and will always take one more run with you even if its -10 degrees (or in the 80 degree weather if the drought continues ). While almost completely undecided in terms of a major, there is a small part of her heart leaning towards bioengineering but a lot can happen before she has to declare in the spring. Besides ski racing, Lindsay enjoys the outdoors through hiking, running, biking, swimming, and waterskiing (she wants to start a waterskiing club as well so if anyone is interested email her), and is also working to refine her packing skills so that she doesn’t look like a sherpa coming back from the cabin every weekend. Pray for snow!


Fundraising: Wyatt Horan

Wyatt is a studying Energy Engineering and History. He skis, never snowboards. And would like to make it evidently clear that he’s fun. So if you were on the fence about joining the team, look no further- Wyatt will make sure you have a fun time 🙂




Social: Julia Lambert

Julia grew up shredding ice on the east coast at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine and is super excited to now be out west! She’s also a member of the varsity sailing team and is dreading the end of sophomore year when she has to declare a major because at this point it may as well be “indecision”!

Officers unable to pull their lives together enough to submit a bio-

Financial Officer: Sam Trautwein

Cabin boy: Yvan Quinn

Snowboard co-captain: Dakota Mascarenas

Freeski captain: Skye Mooney

Alumni: John Luttig

Social: Marco Monteiro

Gear + Pro form: Emily Stebbins